Drifter is a framework to help provision developer boxes using Ansible and Vagrant.


  • Streamline our project setups
  • Ease the “entry cost” for a new squad member
  • Easy to use
  • Lean: small codebase, easy to maintain and extend, focus only on Debian and Ubuntu
  • Be adopted by Liip as a whole

The idea behind the framework

The idea is to have a common ground for each project that can be improved over time, each project benefiting from the improvements.

This repository aims to contain multiples Ansible roles to manage the various part of the development stack needed to work on the various projects of Liip. If a someone need new roles, it is highly recommended that they are added to the common pool if they are deemed reusable.

Each squad can tailor its box to its need by modifying the Ansible playbook which should ultimately only contain role inclusion to maximize reuse.

When installed, Drifter creates a parameters file to hold various information about your project, a playbook file where you can choose what to install and finally a Vagrantfile where you can modify some Vagrant related parameters before the “main” Vagrantfile is included. This should offer enough flexibility for every project.

What this framework is not ?

This framework does not aim to provide a way to deploy staging and production servers for your project. The roles are written with a development box in mind and are thus not fit for server provisioning. There are absolutely no security issues taken into consideration.

However, if your server is using a Debian based OS based on the stable release, both configurations should be close enough so that you won’t run into issues.